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Connecting our vision with our ministries



We gather to encounter and engage our awesome God in all His beauty and glory through life-transforming worship, which propels us to glorify and enjoy Him in all of life.


We invite all to know and experience the Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming and modeling His life-transforming gospel among our neighbors, and to our city, nation, and the world.


We cultivate a safe community where people are nourished, challenged and encouraged to grow in Christ through gospel-centered fellowship and discipleship.


We employ the gifts God has entrusted to our care by giving, serving, leading, and communicating in order to accomplish the mission God has given us.

At Christ Church, we believe we are called to participate in four Core Activities.




And these four Core Activities shape the content and heart of our various ministries.


At Christ Church, we desire to bring praise and glory to God through song.

We seek to disciple believers in the art of worship, desiring to bring together re-tuned hymns and modern praise songs in a way that is relatable, Scriptural, and invites all to worship our great God.

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By fostering a space where students can worship alongside of their peers in youth gatherings, we seek to nurture within them a heart for corporate worship alongside the generations. 

We seek to come alongside our students as they engage their peers with the gospel. 

We cultivate a safe community through large and small group gatherings where our students are nourished, challenged, and encouraged to grow in Christ through gospel-centered fellowship and discipleship. 

We seek to equip students to serve and love the local church, and to advance the kingdom of God by stewarding the gifts God has given them. 

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We seek to prepare our children for a lifetime of experiencing and engaging our triune God in corporate worship, both for their good and for His glory. 

We long for every child to hear and experience the good news that God loves them deeply and He has given His Son Jesus to die for their sins. 

We desire to cultivate within our children a love for the body of Christ leading to a lifetime of Christ-centered fellowship and discipleship. 

We desire to show each child that they are God's beautiful workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. 


    At Christ Church we believe that when we are united to Christ through the gospel, we are all untied to each other. This means that rather than mere programs or events, we are called to "doing life together," where safety and intimacy are cultivated. Our small groups are a key place for this to take place. Small groups are much more than a meeting. They are a place to struggle with sin, to find encouragement, and to seek gospel transformation in a gracious environment around the table, the Word, and prayer. 

    While we find community and fellowship in the context of Sunday morning corporate worship, we also acknowledge the reality that real community must go beyond Sundays. Therefore, we invite all our members, visitors, and friends in the community to seek out and cultivate deep fellowship within our small groups. 

    We have a number of small groups that meet at various days/times of the week. If you would like to learn more about our small groups, or get plugged into a small group, please contact us. 


      At Christ Church we seek to live life on mission through relationships within our community, nation, and abroad. We desire to invite others not only into an understanding of the gospel, but also into our very lives. Thus, we both invest intentionally in missions, and live intentionally on mission in all of life. We view Trussville and the surrounding communities as our primary mission field, while partnering with missionaries in other contexts locally, nationally, and globally. 

      Our goal in being on mission is to invite all to worship and enjoy the living Go. We seek to live on mission, not only as individuals but in community together. We also steward the time, gifts, and resources of this local body of believers to support the work of mission. 

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