At Christ Church we are a people embracing our need for Jesus, delighting in Him, and joining in His work of redemption so that all things reflect the goodness, truth, and beauty of our triune God.

Where do you meet for worship?

Sunday morning worship services are held at the Trussville YMCA , located at 5920 Valley Road in Trussville.  Please enter through the covered walkway on the side of the building. The rest of the week, you can find us at our office, located just past the YMCA on Valley Road at 5850 Valley Road, Suite 700.


Check out the video to the right for a quick view of what you can expect when you arrive at the YMCA.

What should you expect from a church plant, particularly Christ Church PCA?

Maybe you are asking what it is like to attend worship in a gymnasium. If so, come join us and see. The gym is a place, and we believe we can worship in any place. We won't always worship in a gym, but a big part of us will miss these days where we pitch in together to prepare a place where people can come to worship the Living God. 


Maybe you are asking what kind of people are involved in a young church. At Christ Church there are people who are mature in their faith, people who are young in their faith, and people who are wondering what faith is. You should know that however you describe your faith, you are welcome here. Also, you should know that we have a simple approach to ministry. We are focused on proclaiming the Gospel message, while, worshiping and living together in light of the Gospel as a community of people connecting in Jesus.  

What is the Sunday morning schedule?

We gather for a brief time of fellowship beginning at 8:45 and then move into Sunday school at 9:00 am. Our Sunday school lasts until 9:45, with morning worship starting at 10:00 am, and concluding by 11:15.

What will my kids do on Sunday mornings?


On a typical Sunday morning in the Children's Ministry, we begin with Sunday School for nursery-aged children (birth-4) and for school-aged children (K4-5th grade). During the worship hour, nursery is provided, as well as Children's Church for older children through 3rd grade. Children's Church is designed for children who are not quite ready to sit though the entire Worship service. They begin the worship service with the church family, but will leave the worship service during the sermon for Children's Church. Our goal of Children's Church is to prepare the children to worship with the body of Christ and to learn how to listen to the preached Word. We do this by singing songs based directly from Scripture, and by hearing an abridged version of the same sermon the parents hear. Generally, one of our pastors will video this sermon ahead of time. 

Then, throughout the year, we will hold special events for the children and the community. There is a Christmas Celebration, singing at the Christmas Eve Service, an Easter Celebration, and VBS in the summertime. 


The average week for a Christ Church Youth begins with youth Sunday School and congregational worship. We have separate Sunday school classes for the middle and high school students, both of which meet at 9:00 am. Our worship service follows at 10:00 am. Then on Sunday nights, our youth meet at the Back Shack (109 Pine Street) for a time of worship, fellowship, and teaching followed by small groups. Throughout the week, students meet with staff and volunteers for one-on-one discipleship and small group Bible studies. Our goal in each of these venues, whether it be large group, small group, or one-on-one, is to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve His Kingdom. 

In addition to our regular weekly ministry, the Christ Church Youth will join other youth for camp and various retreat opportunities throughout the year. Many of these opportunities are connected to our participation with Reformed Youth Ministries.


What are your nursery policies?

Our nursery staff includes paid workers from outside agencies, and volunteers from within the church, all having undergone extensive background checks.  At the nursery checkin station, we will have available copies of our Nursery Handbook, which will provide a more detailed description of our mission for the nursery, along with our nursery policies.  We will also make available copies of our Nursery Worker and Volunteer Handbook, which lays out the policies and expectations for our workers and volunteers.

What should I wear?

This is something we certainly do not want people to stress about in their preparation for Sunday morning worship.  You will see men wearing jeans or slacks, polos, button-downs, or a jacket. You will see the ladies wearing skirts, pants, jeans or dresses. Depending on the weather, or your mood - please come as you are!

What does the Gospel mean?

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