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A Midweek Devotional - Stand Firm

As we opened Colossians last week, we heard Paul thank the Lord for how the people of Colossae had received the Word of Truth. This week, we’ll turn to his prayer for those same people. We’ll further unpack his prayer on Sunday, but for today let us see that he centers his prayer on a request that the people would be filled with the knowledge of the Lord. To that end, let us see how the Lord describes Himself in Isaiah 46.

Wednesday, October 21st

Larger Portion of Scripture - Isaiah 46

Focused Passage for Reflection - Isaiah 46:8-11

Reflecting on the Text:

Regardless of the sport, a good solid athletic stance is important. The athlete’s feet must be well planted to provide stability, balance, and a base from which to spring into action. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about football, basketball, baseball, or golf. It all begins with the stance. The same goes for the Christian life. The Christian must stand firm on the truth to withstand attack, doubt, and fear. But the Christian’s stance has more to do with the truth he or she is standing on than the position of their feet.

Isaiah 46 speaks to the truth of God…a truth worthy of standing upon. In this chapter, the Lord is comparing Himself to the helpless idols which must be carried about from one place to the next and are incapable of answering or saving in the time of trouble. The idol is a created thing that is dependent upon its creator.

It is a striking comparison offered by our Creator God. He is not carried, but in fact carries His children, regardless of their age. But in this passage, the Lord does more than speak of His ability to care for His creation. He speaks of the timeless, unchanging, authoritative power of His Word. This is a truth found throughout Scripture, but rarely does He make the point so sharply.

The Lord is God and there is no other. The Lord declares. The Lord accomplishes. His counsel shall stand firm. He has purposed it. He will do it. And in this truth, He tells His children to stand firm.

In a world marked by shifting winds and empty promises, how does this Word bolster your heart? Do you find yourself shouting, “YES!” Do you find yourself strengthened by the strength of God’s Word…by the strength of God? Does this Word challenge your view of the bigness and sovereignty of God?

If so, then be encouraged. The best coaches start with the fundamentals. They start with the stance because everything else builds on it. Get your stance right and you are on the road to growth. The same is true for the Christian as we are filled with the knowledge of God. And with that knowledge, the Word tells us to STAND FIRM. Stand firm on the truth of God. Stand firm in the world because of the truth of God.

Questions for personal reflection:

  • How does this picture of God’s sovereignty challenge the smaller views you may have had about Him? Let this Word serve as a fresh invitation to repentance and faith.

  • How does this picture of God’s sovereignty strengthen and inform your understanding of the purpose of prayer? Let this Word serve as an instigator for your prayer life.

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