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Michael Davis

Associate Pastor

The journey the Lord has brought my family and I

along, which led us to Christ Church PCA, has been a

display of His faithfulness and provision. Michelle and

I grew up in Trussville, but before arriving back in our

hometown the Lord had several other places for us to

serve Him along the way. Michelle and I met the

summer after my freshman year at the University of

Alabama. In 2006, after graduating from college we got

married. After nearly 6 years in the electrical supply

sales industry the Lord stirred our hearts towards

ministry and provided a way for us to move to 

St. Louis, MO where I attended Covenant Theological 

Seminary. During our time in St. Louis the Lord gave us 

further clarity, and directed us to consider serving Him

overseas. After a few trips to England, He made it clear

to us as He provided the resources for us to move

to Northwest England (near Manchester) where

I served as pastor of a small International Presbyterian

Church (IPC). After serving there for 2 years the Lord

guided us back to the US and gave us great clarity that we would be serving Him right back here in our hometown of Trussville, Alabama. What a joy it is for us to be a part of and to serve alongside this wonderful family that is Christ Church PCA.

Our family has grown along the way as well. We moved away from Alabama with one child at age 2, and returned with 4 wonderful and energetic kids. Sarah Kate, Evelyn, Silas, and Levi. Since being back, we have added two more to the bunch, Selah and Wiley. These kiddos are always keeping Michelle and I on our toes! 

As I read scripture I am continually amazed by how much our Lord loves people. My hope is that I might be able to share some measure of that love with the people of my hometown of Trussville. I look forward to an opportunity to connect with you personally.

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