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The Christ Church PCA Vision Plan has been produced under the authority of our elders and is the prayerful work of our Vision Team, composed of a cross section of our membership. As we've studied God's Word, prayed for His direction, and discussed as a Team, we've sought to answer several important questions: 

Why do we believe Jesus has established THIS church? (Vision Statement)

What are the values and behaviors we celebrate? (Core Values) 

What are the things we do together as the church? (Core Activities)


We are a people embracing our need for Jesus, delighting in Him, and joining in His work of redemption so that all things reflect the goodness, truth, and beauty of our triune God.

A people EMBRACING our need for Jesus.

We are a humble, broken people responding to the Savior who first embraced us. We are a people dependent upon Jesus’ transforming grace to save us from our sin and to grow us in His image.

Why we believe Jesus has established THIS Church.


Reliant / Rejoicing

We live in prayerful reliance upon our God, under the authority of His Word, joyfully trusting in His sovereign grace and mercy.

The values and behaviors we celebrate.



What we do together as the Church


We gather to encounter and engage our awesome God in all His beauty and glory through life-transforming worship, which propels us to glorify and enjoy Him in all of life.


We invite all to know and experience the Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming and modeling His life-transforming gospel among our neighbors, and to our city, nation, and the world.


We cultivate a safe community where people are nourished, challenged and encouraged to grow in Christ through gospel-centered fellowship and discipleship.


We employ the gifts God has entrusted to our care by giving, serving, leading, and communicating in order to accomplish the mission God has given us.


We've come to see that the Vision Plan is not meant to lead us to a few specific programs. In fact, our Vision has very little to do with programs. Instead, it is meant to inform and shape the culture of Christ Church over the long term. Within each of our four Core Activities, we've identified three where we believe God is calling us to grow and mature the culture in these areas, leading us to better fulfill our Vision Statement and live into our Core Values. 


Where we are and where we believe the Lord is leading us

Identifying and

Evaluating Culture

Recognizing our current culture while noting desired areas of maturity in the culture. 

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