Why Does Trussville Need Another Church?

First of all, at Christ Church PCA, we do not believe that we finally have the answer of how to do church right. This is partly because we believe that rather than “doing church,” we are called to “be the Church.” We also understand, and are encouraged by the fact that, there are other strong, Biblical churches in Trussville, but we know that from the beginning of the established church, missionaries have started new congregations from which to share the Gospel with a desperate and hurting world. At times, those congregations have been established in foreign lands, while at other times, they have been established just down the street. Regardless of where, we believe that God loves the church and has ordained her to be the agent of redemption in the world. Therefore, we see church planting as a crucial strategy for growing and multiplying disciples for Christ, for renewing existing churches, and for increasing the overall impact of the church on the culture in our area.

So if that is why Trussville needs another church, then why should you get involved with Christ Church PCA? Well, the answer to that question is different for different people. Some of you are already members of solid churches in Trussville, but you understand and agree with the mission of church planting. You want to serve and make an impact on the community around you, and you understand that church planting is a part of the overall kingdom effort of the broader community.

Some of you, for a variety of reasons, may not be in a church today. Some of you may have grown disinterested in the church because you haven’t found a community in which you belong. Some of you haven’t found a community that authentically represents Christ in the world. Still, some of you are not yet believers in Jesus Christ, but you have some curiosity about this concept that we call “the Gospel.” Please know that regardless of where you are, you are welcome here. Christ Church PCA is a gathering of flawed individuals who are finding purpose and meaning from the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Our goal is not be a “bigger or better” church. We do seek to be a church where the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is proclaimed, experienced, and modeled to others. We seek to worship in a way that honors God and is focused on the Good News of Jesus. And, we seek to live and serve as a community which understands that, though we are called to offer up our talents to our Creator and Redeemer, those talents, in no way, impact the salvation that we receive by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.