Who We Are

We are a people finding hope and meaning, not in ourselves or our status, but in Christ.

Are you searching for this hope?  Come and see.  Are you searching for this meaning?  Come and see.  Are you searching for relationships built on something bigger and more real than ourselves?  Come and see.  Are you lonely?  Come and see.  Are you hurting?  Come and see.  Do you wonder if you were created for a purpose, and if there is true meaning for your life?  Come and see.  We preach Jesus because he alone has the answer to life.  Because he alone can cleanse us from our sins.  Because he alone has secured and can guarantee our eternal salvation....an eternal salvation that gives purpose and meaning to our lives today as we live in Him and for Him.

We are a people committed to the person of Jesus Christ.  We rightly see both ourselves, and Him, in the Word of God...our sole source of ultimate truth.  Together, we have been, and are being, transformed by his grace, and we seek to apply his gospel message to every aspect of our lives, both as individuals and as a church body.


Why We Exist

Christ Church exists to GLORIFY God and to ENJOY Him forever.  

Using the gifts God has given us as individuals and as a church, we seek to worship Him in all of life while proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, in our community and to the world around us.