Living Together

Living together...The Bible calls it fellowship. It was one of the identifying marks of the early church, recorded in Acts 2:42. It is also a reminder that the Christian life is to be lived in community. Living together in fellowship is a natural out-flowing of the teaching of Scripture. It is a natural out-flowing of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our church should be marked by this kind of fellowship, not because of our Southern Hospitality, but because we are members of the family of Christ.

Family brings to our minds all kinds of connotations. Some of those connotations are happy...some are not. In most families though, we love each other, not because we are always lovely, but because we share a common heritage. In family, there is (or should be) a sense of freedom to know that even when we mess up, we are loved.

Our living together is to be marked by this type of gospel love and acceptance of one another. Christ Church is to be marked by this type of living together.