A Savior Who Enters In

    The differences between little boys and little girls can be profound.  When my children were little, we had many sleepless nights.  When the boys couldn't sleep, they would come running in to our bedroom to tell us what was wrong.  It was different with my daughter.  When she couldn’t sleep, she would lay down in the hallway and cry out for daddy.  You see, when my daughter was hurting, or scared, or confused, she needed me to come to her.

    Isn’t it really the same for us?  In our deepest moments of need, we want our help to come to us?  Girl or boy, woman or man, when we are at our lowest (or really even at our best), we need Jesus to come to us?  Whether we are comfortable admitting it or not, it is true.  And that is one of the most beautiful truths of the incarnation…that God became a man, and in doing so, he came to us.  John 1:14 is a passage that beautifully captures this truth.  “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”  

    This is a passage that we will often read during the Christmas season to capture the truth of Jesus’ coming.  The year however, I find it to be entirely appropriate as we come to the beginning of Easter Week, and more specifically to Palm Sunday.  On Palm Sunday, we celebrate the Triumphal Entry.  We often think about this passage in terms of celebration.  We will commemorate it by having little children wave palm branches.  

    It is all a joyous time, as it should be.  But this year, as I approach the Easter Week, I am most struck by the reminder that Jesus entered in, knowing all that it would cost him.  He entered in to the messiness.  He came to the crowds who were confused as to his true identity.  They all wanted something from him, even if they didn’t know what they truly needed.  And yet he came…to us.

    It’s true, you know.  When we are hurting, when we are scared, when we are confused, it is better for our help to come to us.  Many years ago, on Palm Sunday, Jesus took one step closer, knowing all that it would cost him.  This Palm Sunday, I encourage you to rest in, and be comforted by, this truth: He still enters in.