Welcome Letter from Youth Pastoral Intern Jason Kriaski

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

God’s goodness is surely on display at Christ Church, and I am excited and grateful to be a new part of it. The hardest part about leaving my home in Jackson, TN, was leaving my church family at Covenant Presbyterian Church, so it is a tremendous blessing to have been adopted into a new home here in Alabama. I look forward to growing under these elders in following them, while also laboring alongside them in serving our youth.

Although I have had several opportunities to gain ministerial experience, none has been so consistent or formative as I anticipate this internship to be. I want to shadow James and the other elders whenever appropriate, especially to glean wisdom from these experiences, and to prepare myself for a potential calling to a ministry like this. My fraternity experience in college taught me that, for all of the benefits conferred by classroom study, leading and following others provides equally valuable instruction all its own. I’m thankful to be in a place where the desire to mentor is so strong. Let me make the most of this time!

My high school Bible and Latin teacher was the one who influenced me to start taking my faith and God’s Word seriously. I owe so much to him as a mentor and friend, and my goal is to impart a similar vision to the youth here. The sheer richness, depth, and beauty of the Holy Scriptures are far too excellent not to uncover, and the community of the youth group provides a great setting for us to dig deep together. I want our youth to fall in love with the Bible, with prayer, with the Church, and with bringing others into the Church. Thankfully, the success of this endeavor rests not in my ability, but in the power of the crucified, buried, risen, and ascended Word. Let me ever be a servant of the Word that proclaims the merciful Father, the gracious Son, and the loving Spirit!

I ask for your prayers as I undertake the tasks before me. Please remember not just my work, but also my studies, as I embark on the ever-present tension of any minister-in-training (or any minister, I suppose): teaching in the midst of learning, shepherding while also following, and giving what I can from the abundance of what I'm receiving. I hope I can be half the blessing to y’all that I know y’all will be to me. Thank you for inviting me into your family. Christ’s peace be with you!

Jason Kriaski